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  2. Beauty and the Beat by Todrick Hall

  3. 2014 Resolutions: Picking up where 2013 left off

    So I feel that I accomplished a lot last year in 2013. I didn’t get quite where I wanted to, but I’m armed with the lessons learned from last year to put forth an even stronger effort this year. My primary goals for this year are to get healthy (I figure that means below 20% body fat, or around 220s weight) and to build a rainy day savings. I may not do $500 a month every month, but financially I have built a budget and I want to stick with that and update it as the year progresses. Fitness wise I intend to get to more fit. I have the support network in place and I plan to utilize it. Laziness was a factor and I’m not going to let it get in the way with my health this year. On the homebrew front, I didn’t get into all grain last year, though I did make some tasty extract brews. I received books on mead making so I’m going to expand my hobby of fermentation sciences into making Meads. Cheese be scared, I may be eyeing you as well! So I hope everyone has a great New Year, and whatever you do, try to do something to enrich and better your life each day. It can be small or large, but every  little bit helps.

  4. 2013 Resolutions In Review - Slimming down the waist and spending. →

    So January 1st of last year (2013) I wrote the follow:


    Upon reviewing my resolutions from last year, I didn’t even qualify for any bronze level achievements. I made progress towards my goals and built the support work that I needed to succeed this year.

    So for this year I plan to slim both my waist and my spending. My first weight related goal is to…

    So how did I do? Lets check it out:
    The overall goal of last year was slimming my waist and spending. Throughout the year, I achieved both of these, but somewhere towards the end I fell off of both  wagons…
    My savings went well. I did in fact save $500 a month.. Until I decided to build an awesome keezer for my beer. Then followed by the fact of purchasing a new for me truck and immediate furlough.. I was left with less than desired finances. Weight loss is a bit of a luke warm topic. My lowest for the year was 231 with 22.5% fat. But I also towards the end of the year enjoyed too many goodies and  cruise cuisine. I’m currently 259.4 with 25.5% fat, so I am better of than the 27.5% from last Jan. 1st, but not where I want  to be. My best area of improvement was in the personal development. I’m not quite the daily flosser yet, but i’m getting there. I am taking better personal care when it comes to dressing and presenting myself. I have a bit to go, but i’m getting close to being there. Personal health I’ve cleaned up. I don’t excessively drink near as much, maybe in a bluemoon and when I do drink, I drink things that I enjoy and I have a better appreciation for. My overall outlook has improved as well.I do use limited curse words and when I do they tend to slip when I rarely do get elevated. My biggest feat is learning to let go. Only invest time and energy in those you care about and cut out the toxic people. At the end of the day you want to spend your time with people that are productive to your well being. Don’t waste time on users, manipulators, cheaters, or slugs. You only have a fixed amount of time each day, make the most of it!

  5. melissalynn224 said: How much do you really love me? ;)

    I love you more than Bacon and Cheese! I love you more this year than last. I will ensure that I put my best foot forward when it comes to us <3

  6. What I do on the weekends. Spartan Sprint Kiln, MS 2013.

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